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Service Learning Main Advisory Council




Service Learning Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes
Provost’s Conference Room
15 September 2008 2:00 pm-3:00 pm


Present: Joaquin Borrego, Kurt Caswell, Donna Davis, Carolyn Erler, Ralph Ferguson, Birgit Green, Laura Lowe, Walt Oler, Sara Smock, Reese Todd, Irene Arellano, Karen Meaney

Future Atkins, Shannon Bichard, Heidi Brady, Doris Reding, Brian Rex, Larry Spain


Karen welcomes the council and has everyone introduce themselves. It is preceded by the distribution of the SLAC folders containing the agenda and handouts. Karen briefly describes the contents and asked the committee to review the material. The materials described were the bylaws, S-designation, and by request of Birgit, Karen provided a brief summary of the QEP.


The request was then made for approval of the April 23rd minutes. Laura motioned for approval, Walt seconded, and minutes were approved.


Karen discusses the program and course assessments that were implemented during the spring 2008. There were four service learning faculty members and their classes that participate in the assessment. Karen briefly touched on barriers that the students described such as scheduling, free time, and cost of gas. There was also some valuable data collected such as the theory to practice model and students indicated it was an overall good experience.


Irene provided the council with service learning updates. The updates included summer accomplishments (various service learning notebooks), Jumpstart Program (Donna Davis as SL presenter), SLFF members and training (held August 23rd), Dr. Melora Sundt’s presentation (SL experience and research), President’s Honor Roll, and the updated website. Donna stated that the website should have a section on reflection resources for faculty and how to manage reflection. Karen also stated that the website will contain a section for service learning scholarship and it will highlight Dr. Heidi Brady as service learning achiever.  


Kurt was nominated to serve as vice chair for the council by Donna. Everyone, present, seconds. Kurt states that he is interested in serving as vice-chair but indicates that he will be teaching in the Study Abroad program in the spring. Reese volunteers to co-chair the position with Kurt. Kurt nominates Reese as co-vice chair. Everyone seconds. Kurt and Reese will officially serve as co-vice chairs.


Karen mentions that the immediate responsibility of the vice chairs will be to get an “S” review committee. Karen briefly explains the changes made for the process. Irene announces the “S” designation workshop on September 24th. Karen indicates that if faculty are unable to attend the workshop that the service learning staff will be available to provide the training to departments. Karen also mentions that the designation is part of the SLFF requirement. Laura volunteers to serve on the “S” review committee.


Kurt, leader of the strategic plan committee, discusses the service learning strategic plan. This plan was in review last spring and the strategic planning committee along with the council approved it last spring. Therefore, each member of the council were given a copy of the approved strategic plan.


The goals for 2008- 2009 were presented to the council by Karen. The first goal was the study abroad initiative. Karen stated that one of the goals for the service learning program to become a part of a study abroad program. The initial step would begin with meeting with the study abroad staff and attend study abroad conference. The second goal mentioned was TFDN ELXIR project. Karen has applied to the project for service learning to become a team leader. Karen will be notified in late September if the program is selected.


Ralph questions Karen regarding a representative from the Provost’s office that will help drive the service learning initiatives.  Karen discusses the transitions in the Provost’s office. It is indicated that it is crucial to have a Provost’s representative. Ralph supports the representation and its importance to the QEP, ethics initiatives, and the service as valuable tool. Karen assures the council that she will discuss the concern with the Provost’s office.


Other announcements, Birgit mentions that ODE will have an outreach and engagement conference. She would like to include a forum regarding the concept of service. Karen indicates that the service learning program would like to assist in the forum.


Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.