For many educators, the line between copyright do's and don'ts is blurry- especially in the online environment. Here are a few links to build understanding of basic copyright laws.

Texas Tech Links

University Library- Copyright Information

University Library - Reserve Policies and Procedures and Reserves Request Form

Information Technology Division - Copyright

TTU Operating Policy and Procedure - OP 30.22: Guidelines for the Educational Use of Copyrighted Works (see attachment found at the end of this OP, for a Sample Letter to Copyright Owner)

Other Links

Sample Requests for Permission

As the above links will educate you, many will need to acquire permission from publishers. This is often the case when videos or chapters from a book are shared with online learners. Feel free to use the following templates for starters:
Publisher Permission Request Form
Publisher Permission Request Letter
Sample Letter to Copyright Owner (this is a direct link to a sample letter attached to TTU's Operating Policy and Procedure: OP 30.22: Guidelines for the Educational Use of Copyrighted Works found above.

How the ID Team supports copyright

Frequently, the ID Team supports copyright in online course in recommending the correct use of media and documents posted online. One great example is the posting of journal articles. Many articles are readily available via Texas Tech's subscription to educational databases such as ERIC (EBSCO), JSTOR, ProQuest, and WorldCat. Let us help you locate a legal and accessible (ADA compliant) version of your journal articles to share in your online course.

The Instructional Design Team is readily available to assist you or direct you in the right direction to clarify any copyright question you may have. Visit Contact the ID Team for contact information.